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Becoming a part of the Milnor community 
has its rewards!  Build or buy a home in 
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School News!

Milnor High School was recently listed in the US News and World Report magazine as one of 
"America's Best High Schools".  
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The Latest News in Milnor!

Responding to the critical lack of daycare, the Milnor community recently applied for  and received a grant from the State of North Dakota for $187,500 for a childcare facility.  A 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporation, Youth Opportunity Unlimited, Inc. was created and is building a 5,000 square foot daycare near the Park on Main Street.  The facility will cost approximately $499,400 and fundraising is progressing with $424,000 donations commited to the project.  If you are interested in donating to this tax deductible project, please mail your gift to YOU, Inc. at PO Box 5; Milnor, ND 58060.  


Reminiscent of the times when neighbors came together for an “old fashioned barn raising”, the Milnor community has come together preparing the site for the new childcare center. Twenty-two volunteers donated their time hauling clay and dirt, packing and leveling. An additional seven community minded people and businesses donated their equipment. We can be ever so proud to be apart of such a great community.




Welcome to Milnor, 
a community 
located in southeast
North Dakota along ND Highway
 # 13 in a bustling community of agriculture 
and industry.  Our community 
is nine miles from the 
Sheyenne National Grasslands, 
in the heart of the prairie 
and lakes region that support 
an abundance of wildlife and fishing opportunities

Among the many amenities the
community offers are an excellent school system, 
three churches, medical clinic, recreational facilities, fitness center,
and a variety of  businesses andservices.  
homes and businesses in Milnor have direct fiber-optic 
connections for ultra high 
speed internet.  Residents can enjoy the safety, security, and 
the slower pace of our rural lifestyle but won't compromise 
on technology in business, 
health care or education. 
Please check out our website for more information and leave a comment in our guest book.  Thanks for stopping by.

Gateway to the Grasslands!

If you enjoy outdoor activities, Milnor is the perfect place to be.  With a broad selection of activities, sports, and recreational facilities, people of all ages are finding activities to fit their lifestyle and interests. 

The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others. -- DeAnn Hollis


Are You Volunteer Material?

The Sargent County Ambulance Service through volunteers has filled a gap in this county for many years.  Its existence is because of those that in the past and present have given of time and energy to be of service to each of us, at a time when our need is highest.  Illness, accident, sudden health, they answer our calls with trained expertise and kind hearts.

What our EMS Service offers:
A trained staff
Personnel who care
Updated equipment
A local commitment
Local reponse
Members that have given years of commitment
Public awareness & training

24 hour a day/7 days a week/52 weeks a year service


What our EMS Service needs from you:

An ongoing need for people to Volunteer to join and retain our services locally

NEW Volunteers to prevent burnout of existing crews

NEW Volunteers willing to give some time for training and commitment

NEW Volunteers to provide relief to existing crews and to take on shift scheduling

NEW Volunteers to keep our Ambulance services local and Healthy



Sargent County is a rural county and our services exist because of volunteers to keep both ambulances manned to the required level.    As we all evaluate our busy lives and our shortage of time, can you find time to make a difference to be a VOLUNTEER?  This is the Call for HELP!


Please Contact the Sargent County Ambulance Coordinators for further information Today!

Marwood Klein 701-724-6241 or Cell # 701-370-0502   Forman

Brian Tayer 701-427-5333     Milnor


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