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Becoming a part of the Milnor community 
has its rewards!  Build or buy a home in 
Milnor and we will help you with our 
incentive package.  Check out the 
information under the housing 
section above.  


The Milnor Post Office needs our help.  It will be going from 8 hours a day to only 6 hours a day.  It is part of a bigger trend that’s been happening in rural towns across the country.  The reduced hours will have a huge impact on the town’s business.  Other communities in the area have already had their hours reduced and are feeling the effects.

What does this mean to you?  The Milnor office will be open less hours for you to conduct your business.  We need to SUPPORT the Milnor Post Office by buying our stamps and mailing our packages from the Milnor Post Office.  

As you know if we are open less hours (6) that means less people will use the Milnor Post Office and the next time they review the office it will go down to only 4 hours and then 2 hours and then CLOSED.  As the saying goes:  IF YOU DON’T USE IT – YOU WILL LOSE IT!     

When will this take effect?  October 1, 2014

Between now and August you will receive a letter and a survey from the US Post Office.  The survey will have multiple choice answers to their questions.  All the answers refer to either reducing the hours or closing the post office.  Please answer the survey by writing across the survey –WE LIKE THE HOURS WE HAVE NOW.  DO NOT REDUCE THE HOURS IN THE MILNOR POST OFFICE.  Make sure you return the survey – this is very important.  If the surveys are not returned, the Post Office will assume we do not care what they do.  You can also write on the survey your personal reasons why you want the hours to stay the same and how the reduced hours will cause problems for yourself, the Milnor businesses and the entire community.  

Please contact your Senators and Congressman and ask them to 
keep the Milnor Post Office 
open 8 hours a day. We do not want a
reduction in hours. 

Senator John Hoeven
1802 32 Ave S
Room B
Fargo, ND 58103.
Phone: 701-239-5389

Senator Heidi Heitkamp
306 Federal Building
657 Second Avenue North
Fargo, ND 58102
Phone: (701) 232-8030

Representative Kevin Cramer
3217 Fiechtner Drive
Suite D
Fargo, ND 58103


North Dakota cracked the top 10 in a recent ranking of best states in which to retire.

Retirement should not be just sunshine and beaches, according to Chris Kahn of the financial information website North Dakota was No. 10 in Bankrate’s ranking, which considered medical care access, crime rates, cost of living - and yes, climate.

Despite North Dakota being the coldest state in the contiguous United States, Kahn’s report said the state received a high ranking because of its low crime rate, and light state and local tax burden. The report also said North Dakota has five hospital beds for every 1,000 people, tied for second best in the country.

Grand Forks Senior Center Executive Director Colette Iseminger said the state’s budget surplus allows continued funding of senior programs that other states may have needed to cut.
Much of the top 10 were outside the Sun Belt, long considered a retirement hotspot. Tennessee, Louisiana and South Dakota were Nos. 1, 2 and 3, respectively. Another Midwestern state, Nebraska, was No. 9.



Welcome to Milnor, 
a community 
located in southeast
North Dakota along ND Highway
 # 13 in a bustling community of agriculture 
and industry.  Our community 
is nine miles from the 
Sheyenne National Grasslands, 
in the heart of the prairie 
and lakes region that support 
an abundance of wildlife and fishing opportunities

Among the many amenities the
community offers are an excellent school system, 
three churches, medical clinic, recreational facilities, fitness center,
and a variety of  businesses andservices.  
homes and businesses in Milnor have direct fiber-optic 
connections for ultra high 
speed internet.  Residents can enjoy the safety, security, and 
the slower pace of our rural lifestyle but won't compromise 
on technology in business, 
health care or education. 
Please check out our website for more information and leave a comment in our guest book.  Thanks for stopping by.

Gateway to the Grasslands!

If you enjoy outdoor activities, Milnor is the perfect place to be.  With a broad selection of activities, sports, and recreational facilities, people of all ages are finding activities to fit their lifestyle and interests. 


Milnor In the News!

As reported by MSN Money - Six places it pays to move to

 Milnor, N.D. came in as number three....

 Milnor, N.D., a town of 700, wants a few more 
people to add to the welcome sign. This town offers some interesting deals: $500 toward the cost of installing sewer and water lines; free minimum on water, garbage, sewer and vector control for two years; an individual or family swimming pool pass and golf membership; and a school activities pass for one year.  The full article can be read at:

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