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Incentives to Buy or Build in Milnor 

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The following incentives are available to you if you
build or purchase a home in Milnor.

  • Free minimum on water, garbage, sewer and vector control for two years*
  • $500 towards the new construction cost of installing sewer and water lines
  • Individual/family swimming pool pass (1 year)*
  • Individual/family golf membership discount of $100 at Lakeview Golf Course (1 year)*
  • Individual/family school activities pass (1 year)*

*Incentives are available only to individuals or families new to the Milnor School District, with the exception of first-time home buyers (proof of purchase required).

Peterson Subdivision 
     Milnor has recently opened the new Peterson Subdivision which has 49 lots
for new homes and apartments.  

Renaissance Zone 

The Renaissance Zone program is set up to revitalize communities in North Dakota and encourage development and growth for businesses and homes.  It is a tool to help communities revitalize their towns.  

Businesses and individuals may qualify for one or more tax incentives for purchasing, leasing, and/or making improvements to real property located in a zones.  A Renaissance Zone is a designated area within a city that is approved by the Department of Commerce and offers both state and local tax incentives for 5 years.  The tax incentives consist of state income tax exemptions and credits, and local property tax exemptions.

For more information contact the City of Milnor at 701-427-5272

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