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The City of Milnor invites you to enjoy the many                                                                    activities in our community park and swimming pool.                                                                  A variety of playground equipment, benches and 
covered picnic area are available and allow
children and adults to enjoy the amenities.
The park has recently added a new basketball court and skateboard area, constructed new dugouts and backstop.  The community has also built a handicap accessible walking/bike path that connects the park to Main Street and our downtown area. 

The Park District also offers T-ball, softball and baseball programs in the summer. 



For over 30 years Milnor has had a 
swimming pool. The pool was built in 
1963 and it served the community well. 
In 1998 the pool was closed for the 
construction of a new pool which opened 
in June 2000.



The new swimming pool is 42'x 75' and
includes a diving board, tube slide and 
walk in steps. In addition to the pool the 
facility also has a new bathhouse and a 
15' diameter round wading pool.

The pool offers both afternoon and evening 
open pool hours. There are also swimming 
lessons for various levels of instruction offered                     by qualified instructors.                                     

                                                                    Come Join the Fun!

City Info
 The Milnor Pool offers -

Diving Board
Tube Slide
Walk in Steps
Wading Pool
Bath House
Swimming Lessons

Lots of Fun!!

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