Why Choose Milnor..............Commercial businesses looking to locate in Milnor will find our community an aggressive, growing community ready to meet your needs. 


Milnor offers……

  • The ND Renaissance Zone Program to encourage development and revitalization.   We will work with you to take advantage of the state income tax and local real estate tax incentives.  Milnor’s Renaissance Zone was created in 2003 and is 7th in the state for completed projects. 
  • Natural gas, a clean and inexpensive energy.
  • Fiber-optic connections for ultra-high-speed internet, 4G cell service and rail service by Red River Valley and Western Railroad.
  • Ruby Addition, a 44 acres commercial district located on the south side of the city along Highway 13 with over 27 acres available for development.
  • Northview, a new 49 residential addition on the north side with a playground in the planning stages.
  • Low real estate taxes to attract businesses and home owners. 
  • Low property insurance rates - lowest in the area due to the dedication of the Fire Department volunteers.  This is due to the training, improved equipment and a new facility; dropping our classification from a Class 7 to a Class 4.
  • Assistance with the ND Flex PACE Program for interest buy-down on Bank of North Dakota loans through the SC-JDA.
  • Childcare and preschool – the only childcare center in Sargent County offering services to over 65 children. 
  • K thru 12 school system.
  • A well-endowed community foundation of $5.3 M that is adding amenities to the community each year in excess of $180,000.  
  • A park system and golf course with clubhouse, offering a broad spectrum of activities and amenities for our residents.
  • A business district with over 23 new businesses in the past ten years.  Businesses that residents want and need on a daily basis. 
  • An aggressive incentive package for people moving to our community who are interested in buying or building a home. 
  • Milnor received three Governor’s Main Street Awards – the 2019 Excellence Award, the 2020 Smart, Efficient Infrastructure Award and the 2021 Healthy, Vibrant Community Award.  These awards are given to communities that show growth and showcase innovative efforts to enhance the livability, health and/or attractiveness of their community, while demonstrating fiscally-sound planning and sustainability.  Milnor received the “City of the Year” award in 2014 from the North Dakota League of Cities for our aggressive planning and growth.
  • Milnor is interested in working with entrepreneurs in making their business a success.  We have access to a business consultant to help you with any plans and strategies you need to take. 



Come  Grow  With  Us