Community Center

In 2003 the Milnor Area Community Center, also known as, the MACC was built and connected to our public school.  This activity center is a 15,750 square foot community building which serves as an activity center and is used for wedding/anniversary celebrations, auctions and fundraising/community events.  Our public school also uses the building for school related activities, athletic games and practices.  The original cost of this facility was $767,700, and the mortgage was paid in June of 2014 with donations from our community and alumni. 

The Board of Directors have recently purchased two weight lifting machines and other fitness equipment for the fitness center which is also located  in the facility.

The Satre Memorial Milnor School Library is also located in the MACC.        


Calendar of Events:  Check here for all events scheduled at the MACC       

If you are interested in helping sustain the MACC and all the activities it has, donations may be sent to PO Box 123 Milnor, ND 58060.  The MACC has a 501c3 designation and all donations are tax deductible.


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