Milnor Public Schools

The Milnor Public School District is a fully accredited educational system. The District operates two separate school buildings, which provide a comfortable, safe, and positive environment for education. The Milnor Public School District houses 224 students in grades K-12.  Sundale Colony School is a part of the Milnor Public School District. 

The district offers a traditional core curriculum academic program.Basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics are blended with a combination of health, social studies, science, physical education, music, art, computer, and other interests at the elementary level. The district offers an everyday, full-day kindergarten program.

Milnor High School continues the core curriculum along with a variety of specialized areas with the elective offerings.The high school program offers 28 credits in the regular classroom as well as a variety of additional credits available through the Interactive Television Network, Sony video-conferencing and On-line classes offered.   Options also exist for students to obtain both high school and college credit for completing selective courses. Over 85% of the graduates of Milnor High School attend some form of post-secondary educational institution.

The Milnor Public School is a member of the South Valley Multi-District Special Education Unit. This partnership allows the school to meet the special learning needs of area students in the appropriate educational setting.

The Milnor School District has been progressive with technology.  All teachers have school issued iPads.  There are 2 carts of iPads for check out and classroom use.  All 9-12 students were issued iPads at the beginning of the 2014-15 school year.  The school has a computer classroom with 22 computers, a computer lab with 22 computers and a mobile computer cart with 20 I-Books.  Each elementary classroom also has 2 to 4 computers for student use.  The school library has 12 computers.  In addition to computers, Milnor School has 17 Interactive Smart Boards. 

In 2011 an Interactive Polycom classroom was constructed.  In 2012 the Interactive Television Studio was totally remodeled to include 70" flat screens.  These two classrooms provide additional course offerings through a consortium, as well as connecting to any North Dakota public school, and includes dual college credit course offerings for College Algebra and College English through a distance learning format. 

The school continues to make improvements to the building and facilities every summer, including such things as energy efficient improvements, air-conditioning and new staff positions.  The school playground has seen the addition of playground equipment, basketball courts, a picnic table and sandbox.  Gainor Football Field and the Glenn Dorr Memorial Track, which is adjacent to the park, have also had improvements.  The track was resurfaced, a high jump pit was added in 2012 and a new public address system was installed. 

Beyond the academic offerings of the Milnor Public School, students are able to participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities. The athletic programs, which begin competitive activities in the upper elementary grades, include various opportunities for team and individual experiences. In addition co-curricular activities are offered in the areas of fine arts, speech and academics. The Milnor Bison are a proud member of District 1 and the Wild Rice Conference.  The Milnor Boys Basketball team took the State Class B Basketball championship in 2013.  The district has numerous other extracurricular activities in which students participate, such as:  Speech, Drama, FBLA, Art Club, Yearbook, Science Fair, Student Council and Academic Olympics. 

The Milnor Area Community Center is attached to the Milnor Public School where varsity games, various school activities and high school graduation are held.

The Milnor Public School and the City of Milnor has recently entered into a Joint Powers Agreement regarding the Satre Memorial Library.  The Milnor School Library Media Specialist is utilizing both facilities and providing library services to the students of the Milnor Public School District and the patrons of Milnor.

The Milnor Public School has a long history of academic, artistic, and athletic achievement and is proud of the programs and education environment offered.