Frequently Asked Questions

Question - Do I need a building permit to add a deck, remodel my home/business or put up a fence?

Building permits are required to make changes to the exterior and interior of a property.  Please see additional information here.  


Question – Can I have a fire pit:

Yes, burning can occur within a device or fire pit which ensures that the fire shall be contained.  All fires need to be supervised at all times and it is recommended that a fire extinguisher or water hose be available.  Fire pits should not be close to a structure or combustible material.  No burning is allowed on streets, sidewalks or public right of ways.  You can not burn treated lumber, yard waste, leaves, brush, debris or refuse material. 


Question – Does the City require my pet to be licensed?

Yes, all dogs 6 months of age and older must be registered and licensed with a copy of proof of vaccination to obtain a dog license.  Licenses are sold annually at City Hall.  Information needed includes the name of your pet, color, breed, male or female, neutered, spayed or unadulterated.  Dog licenses are available at City Hall for $10.00.  More information is available under Permits and Forms on the Milnor Info page on the website.  The City does not license cats.


Question – Can I drive my snowmobile or ATV on the city streets?

Snowmobiles and ATV’s are permitted to be operated within the city limits only from your residence to the trail, taking the shortest route practical.


Question – What do I do with lawn clippings, leaves and tree branches? 

The city operates an inert landfill for items not considered household waste. Some of the items that are accepted at the landfill include grass, trees and tree branches, old furniture, shingles, old building materials, washers and dryers.  There is a $10.00 charge for refrigerators and air conditioners, as the Freon has to be removed from them. The landfill cannot accept plastic or brown goods, which are items with a closed circuitry, such as TV's, microwaves, radios, computers etc. The City Shop will accept used oil, batteries and electronics.  Please call City Shop for specific questions.  701-427-5261  More information can be found here- City Landfill Information 


Question – What can I recycle and when is the pickup day?

Detailed information is available under Utilities on the Milnor Info page on our website.  Questions in regard to missed pickup of recycling can be directed to Waste Management directly at 701-642-8797.  City Recycling Information 


Question- What are the hours that City Hall is open?

The City Auditor is in the office on Wednesday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  Please call first to be sure the Auditor is in 701-427-5272.  City of Milnor Information


Question – Can I email information to the City?

Yes, the City Auditor’s email is


Question – My water bill is high – how could I have used so much water?

Check all faucets and toilets for leaks.  Toilets can be checked by adding food coloring to the water in the tank.  If the water in the toilet bowl turns color, you may have a leak in the tank.  Other potential water leaks may be outdoor spigots, water heaters and pipes in your basement or crawl space. 


Question – What are the rules for parking in the winter months?

All vehicles must use off street parking during the winter months between November and April to allow for snow removal.    


Question – Can I burn my yard waste?

The City does not allow burning of leaves or any other debris.


Question – Can my sump pump drain into the sewer?

Sump pumps are not allowed to drain into the sanitary sewer system.  They must drain outside. 


Question – Can I plant a tree on the boulevard?

Trees planted on the boulevard will need city approval.  ND Forest Service has approved a list of preferred trees that can be planted in our community.  For more information, please contact the Shade Tree Committee via the City office 701-427-5272.