Renaissance Zone Project Completion Requirements

To qualify for Renaissance Zone benefits, the project must meet the following completion requirements:

  1. All landscaping must be completed. (Area around home must be backfilled and lot leveled, sidewalks installed and grass planted.)
  2. All eave troughs and downspouts must be attached.
  3. All steps and walkways must be completed.
  4. A concrete apron of at least 10 feet must be in place in front of garage.
  5. All structural work including roofing and siding must be completed.
  6. The residential/commercial property must be occupied.
  7. The project must eliminate all deteriorated parts of the building(s).
  8. The premises must be free of weeds, debris, refuse and garbage and be in compliance with all ordinances with the City of Milnor.
  9. Project must be completed within twelve months of the conditional approval to proceed.