Milnor Fire District/Department

A "Big SHOUT OUT" to the Milnor Fire Department/Milnor Fire District and "Congratulations" on their amazing new building. A new steel framed 9,600 square foot building (80'x 120') with six overhead doors for parking fire trucks, equipment and the Sargent County ambulance. The building also features a training room, ambulance office, kitchen, bathrooms, storage and mechanical room. The building was built with a low interest loan, taxpayer dollars, and fundraising (Inferno Night).

The Milnor Fire Department/Milnor Fire District, through their dedication of training, improved equipment, and new facility, has allowed Milnor's city-wide public protection classification (PPC) to drop from a Class 7 to a Class 4. This means that most residents, businesses and people with property in our town should see a decrease in their insurance rates. Only through the commitment of a few dedicated individuals, our entire community benefits from rates only found in some of the larger cities. A big "THANK YOU" to the Milnor Fire Department and Milnor Fire District in this big accomplishment.