Milnor Community Foundation

Our biggest news is the endowment fund set up due to the gift of $4.7 million dollars from two local ranchers, Russel and Dale Brown.  A foundation has been created, Milnor Community Foundation, for the express purpose of improving Milnor and will leave a lasting legacy of improvements to our community for many years to come.  The ND Community Foundation manages this bequest and they have stated that Milnor will have approximately $160,000 a year to spend on civic improvements (at today's interest rate).  Over a ten or twenty year span, Milnor will be able to make major changes and improvements.  Of course this foundation will last many years beyond the ten to twenty year span and the projects it encompasses will be a huge draw for our community. 

To learn more about this incredible gift to our community and about the generous donors, visit our website at: