Public Library - Satre Memorial Milnor School Library

The City of Milnor and the Milnor Public School have entered into a Joint Powers Agreement bringing together a partnership of use for our city's public library and the school system.  The Milnor School Library Media Specialist provides library services to the citizens of our community and to the students. The Satre Memorial Milnor School Library offers a complete range of materials for everyone's needs and has everything anyone of any age or reading level might be looking for:

  •  Accelerated Readers for School age children
  •  Best sellers (both current and past)
  •  Fiction and Non-fiction books
  •  Interlibrary loans
  •  Magazines and electronic magazines


The library is located in the MACC building, 528 5th Street, welcoming the public and allowing students and teachers to have easy access from the school.  


The library has a system that rotates recently published books thru the facility and uses a software program to catalog the books, scanning the books when checked in and out using barcodes. 


This well equipped library, which requires no membership fee or dues, carries a large selection for all ages. A computer is available for public use with internet access. The library hours vary with the time of the year.  Check out the Library Facebook page for up to the minute information and hours.