Business Opportunity & Incentives

City Business Opportunity
The City of Milnor offers many outstanding opportunities for people looking to start a business or to build their families. The city offers business incentives for both new and re-locating businesses within the Milnor City boundaries. Whether you are looking to purchase an existing business, start your own, or add-on to one you already have, there are always opportunities in Milnor. 

The Milnor City Office has information on available land, city codes and urban development projects planned or already underway. Milnor is a city on-the-grow. No matter how you look at Milnor, there awaits the opportunity of a lifetime.

For more information, please contact the city office at (701) 427-5272. 

City Business Incentives

  • 5 Year 100% abatement on real estate taxes for newly constructed buildings or a payment in lieu of tax agreement.
  • Other incentives offered on a case by case basis that can be tailored to your needs.

Primary Sector Businesses
The State of North Dakota has development tools and incentives for industry and commerce that are in the primary sector business.  Some of these incentives require certification thru the Economic Development and Finance Division of the North Dakota Department of Commerce.  

Primary sector business means a business that adds value to a product, process, or service that results in the creation of new wealth.  The term includes tourism, but does not include production agriculture.  For more information concerning the certification of a primary sector business, and programs and incentives that may require this certification, please see the ND Department of Commerce website: