Milnor's Renaissance Zone

The Renaissance Zone program is set up to revitalize communities in North Dakota and encourage development and growth for businesses and homes.  It is a tool to help communities revitalize their towns.  

Businesses and individuals may qualify for one or more tax incentives for purchasing, leasing, and/or making improvements to real property located in a zones.  A Renaissance Zone is a designated area within a city that is approved by the Department of Commerce and offers both state and local tax incentives for 5 years.  The tax incentives consist of state income tax exemptions and credits, and local property tax exemptions.

City of Milnor Guidelines for Renaissance Zone Projects
The proposed projects in the Milnor Renaissance Zone must be submitted to and approved by the Milnor Zone Authority, Milnor City Council and the North Dakota Division of Community Services prior to any construction, renovation or rehabilitation of buildings and structures in the Zone. Each project must meet the goals, objectives and policies of the Renaissance Zone.

The City of Milnor strongly supports investment in the Renaissance Zone to rehabilitate the deteriorating properties and to minimize the existence of vacant structure to enhance and increase the tax base. The property rehabilitation is subject to the requirements of the City’s Development Guide, Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations, Building Code, other applicable city ordinances and the provisions of the Renaissance Zone Development Plan. The investment undertaken can be a purchase (commercial only), purchase of an existing RZ project, purchase with rehabilitation, rehabilitation, new residential construction, new commercial construction or lease.

To qualify as a Renaissance Zone Project, a proposal must meet the following criteria: