City Staff

City of Milnor
408 Main Street
PO Box 70
Milnor, ND 58060-0070
City Office Phone: 701-427-5272
Office Hours:
  • Wednesday - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and unscheduled times as needed. 
  • Please leave a message at 427-5272 or in the drop boxes located at the
Milnor Community Center and the Milnor Market.  We will contact you. 
Utility payments may be left in the drop boxes or one of the other convenient options described here

 City Auditor

Jennie Hanna, City Auditor
Office   701-427-5272

 Public Works Department

Ryan Smith, Public Works Superintendent
City Shop 701-427-5261   Home Phone: 701-427-5038   Cell Phone:  701-680-9538

Jeremy Bixby, Assistant Public Works Superintendent
City Shop 701-427-5261   


 Economic Development Coordinator & Renaissance Zone Manager

Carol Peterson